Company History

Company History

History of Whitsett & Whitsett

Whitsett & Whitsett, LLC started as a mere dream in 2013 by father and son team Tom and Brad Whitsett, and was launched in 2018. 

Tom Whitsett was a multitude of talent, working for Martin Marietta Corporation during the early days of the NASA space program, and later becoming an electronics engineer as well as a pastor.  His love for helping others always followed him into any and every venture. 

Previously working as an executive recruiter in the banking and financial industry, Brad also has an extensive background in insurance with added ties as a commodity broker. After Brad became a Certified Credit Consultant, the company added lending products that could be offered to best serve the Whitsett & Whitsett clientele seeking funding opportunities. 

Eric Ollila and Brad joined together as co-owners and equal partners in Whitsett & Whitsett LLC after Tom Whitsett passed away.  Eric brings entrepreneurial, administrative, marketing, and communication experience to the team.