About Us

About Us
Whitsett & Whitsett makes this possible

A Family Company

Whitsett & Whitsett, LLC started as a mere dream in 2013 by father and son team Tom and Brad Whitsett, and was launched in 2018.

Tom Whitsett was a multitude of talent, working for Martin Marietta Corp, a defense subcontractor company during the early days of the NASA space program, later becoming an electronics engineer as well as a pastor.  His love for helping others always followed him into any and every venture.

Previously working as an executive recruiter in the banking and financial industry, Brad also has an extensive background in insurance with added ties as a commodity broker. After Brad became a Certified Credit Consultant™, the company added lending products that could be offered to best serve the Whitsett & Whitsett clientele seeking funding opportunities.

Creative Financing

Here at Whitsett & Whitsett, we can assist our clients with over 40+ types of financing and creative finance solutions.

Whitsett & Whitsett, LLC has been doing Creative Financing consulting for the last 2.5 years. We help startups and existing businesses that are seeking capital. We fund projects in real estate, oil and gas, renewables, Cannabis, Aerospace, Airplane Leasing, Joint Ventures, Private Equity, Construction, Storage Units & Developments, Film projects, and many other industries. Our team of consultants are highly skilled with Creative Financed deals and will help you to develop a customized funding plan. We will identify the funding sources that will best serve your needs. We have strong relationships with lending firms, investment banks, and venture capitalists which can be combined with private equity sources. These relationships have proven to greatly benefit our clients. Over the past few years, we have partnered in brokering over $4 billion dollars in capital needs. 

** Broker Dealers are Welcome to Join Us**


Whitsett & Whitsett has more than 40 types of financing available.

The Whitsett & Whitsett Team

Whitsett & Whitsett draws from a team of Consultants with decades of financial and investment experience.

Brad Whitsett
Extensive background in insurance, commodities, and the ministry.

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