Our Services Include:

Network of Funding Sources

We are well connected. You need that capability when you are looking for money from the right source. Whether it be private equity, investment banks, venture capital, family offices, or industry investors—we have you covered. Our extensive international Network of Funding Sources will get you the capital you need. We fund all industries globally. Our network has facilitated $4 Bil in funding in the last three years.

Raising Significant Capital

Our extensive international Network of Funding Sources specializes in loans and business Lines of Credit (LOC). Our LOC is attractive to the borrower because it provides flexibility in access to funds, and you will remain in control of your company. We can fund you for as low as $1 Mil up to $2 Bil per deal. The terms are very competitive and attractive for this product as well. We can also get you funding with Equity.

Creative Finance Consulting

Our helpful team of creative finance marketing consultants will educate you on how creative funding works within our program. You will receive ongoing education from us also, at your request. We fund every industry with our creative finance program. The most significant benefit of our program is that you can scale your business to any height you want to go all within our program.