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At Whitsett & Whitsett, we treat you with the respect that you deserve and care for each of our clients with personalized attention to every detail and customized approaches toward your financial success.

Our Services Include:


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Credit Restoration
For businesses and individuals, our credit restoration professionals draw from decades of experience to take the hard work of restoring your credit off our hands.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation
If you’re dealing with a manageable amount of debt and just want to reorganize multiple bills with different interest rates, payments and due dates, debt consolidation is a sound approach you should consider.

Extreme Credit Repair

Extreme Credit Repair
If your identity has been stolen or used in the past, or if you have inaccurate information damaging your credit profile, you may qualify for this intense program.

What Our Clients Say:

Up 100 points

W&W helped me get my credit score up 100 points in 2 and a half months! I highly recommend them.

Tammy K.

Expectations Exceeded

Brad worked with me for 2 weeks and my credit scores went up 32 points on all 3 credit reporting agencies. My expectations were exceeded. Check these guys out!

Jim C.

Very Satisfied

Whitsett and Whitsett’ got me understanding how Experian makes their credit decisions and how that was affecting my credit score. Very satisfied.

Terrell G.

Wow Wow Wow

Wow. Wow. Wow. I never thought my inquiries and collections would be removed. I waited two years for this to happen. So happy I was referred to use W&W.

Jennifer H.


I couldn’t figure out why my credit scores weren’t coming up. I used other credit services but they just gouged me for ongoing fees and I never saw the results. My credit shot up within 3 months with Whitsett & Whitsett. Amazed.

Don L.

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